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Pets and Backyard Barbeques

You can't really blame us pets for going a little crazy when the mouth-watering aroma of food on the grill catches our attention. From that point on, we will generally make pests of ourselves trying to get what we want. You really shouldn't give in. It's for our own good, but I will never admit to saying that in front of the other animals. It will be our little secret.

Love, Carlos

If you haven’t already been invited to or hosted a backyard barbeque yet this summer, chances are that you will. With dogs and cats being such a part of our everyday lives, you may want to have your pet present at the next such event.  While your pet certainly can join in the fun, it does require some careful planning and supervision on your part.
Keep Pets Away from the Grill
This won’t be a problem for shy cats and dogs who will run and hide at the first sign of a stranger. The more gregarious pets will feel curious about what’s going on and tempted by the smells. If this describes your pet, either keep him in the house or on a leash when the food is cooking. Contact with hot coals and grills, along with spatulas and other equipment used to cook the meat, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ask Other Guests Not to Feed Your Pet
Some people just can’t resist a dog or cat’s sad eyes and begging behavior, so make sure you ask others not to feed your pet. Several types of typical barbeque food are unsafe for animals to consume. These can include avocados, grapes, nuts, onions, and dairy products. While most meat is safe, some can contain bones that pose a choking hazard. If you decide to give your pet a taste of meat, cut it into small pieces and feed it to him away from the other guests. This also reinforces the idea that he shouldn’t beg from them.

Guard the Garbage
If you or other guests consume food with leftover bones, they should go inside of a sealed bag and placed in a trash receptacle that your pet can’t knock over. It only takes a second for a dog or cat to snatch a bone and end up with an airway obstruction, fractured tooth, or gastrointestinal upset.

Limit Sun Exposure
Dogs and cats don’t have the same ability to expel body heat that humans do. With this in mind, make sure that you provide your pet with continuous access to cool drinking water. If you’re the host, make it a point to let her in the house periodically as well. When you’re the guest, put your pet on a leash near a tree that provides a lot of shade. 

Please contact us at Buffalo Companion Animal Hospital right away in the event of sudden illness or injury during or after the barbeque.

Photo Credit: wip-studiolublin / Getty Images